Sports are known to be the physical activities engaged in for leisure and recreation. Sports are generally divided into two major divisions: competitive and non-competitive sports. These include games like football, baseball, swimming, tennis, golf and others. Non-competitive sports are those engaged in for the purpose of maintaining or enhancing physical fitness or a particular sport. A participant in a non-competitive sport may use the equipment or clothes provided for the game. Competitions between competitors are arranged for entertainment and exercise.

Various governing bodies governed the sports activities all over the world. The Olympic Games, which is organized by the International Olympic Committee, is an important venue for the display of athletic skills and performances by a diverse range of athletes from various nations. The Olympic Games is a platform for international sports competitions. There are several international sports governing bodies, which are responsible for organizing and managing the games. The Olympic Games allows athletes from all parts of the world to show their prowess in physical activity.

Professional athletes in sports have become the pride of the country they represent. Many of them earn a good living and receive a share of the country’s revenue. Their incomes are higher than the average person. Several professional athletes today earn six figures a year.

In addition to the large number of professional athletes in the world, there are also numerous disabled people who practice a variety of sports. Disabled Sports Association (dsa) was created to support the interests and needs of disabled persons in the world of sports. They promote physical fitness, promote the development of skill, build muscle strength and endurance, and provide inspiration and motivation. There are several associations that can be regarded as the leading organizations of the Disabled Sport athletes. Among these are Disability Sports Performance (dsap) and the National Centre for Sports and Exercise (NCSEA).

The Association Football Association (AA) is the governing body for many sports including American football, Australian rules football, American football, basketball, softball, ice hockey, Australian soccer, motor-ball and American football. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is an association of approximately 1200 colleges and universities that provide athletic programs for athletes with various disabilities. The NCAA is the governing body for college athletics in the United States. The United States Olympic Committee (USOC) is the governing body for athletic events other than the Olympic Games. There are several youth sports clubs that are associated with the USOC.

Disabled Sports Association football is one of the popular sports for athletes with physical limitations. It was first played in Australia as Association Football but today it has caught on all over the world. It is played between Association Football and Schoolboys. Another popular game is Beach Soccer which is played between Association Football and Schoolgirls. Disabilities in mobility, hand and eye coordination, balance, and the ability to run are basic requirements for participation in this sport.

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